Mid-December crisis

Lately we rarely see each other, my blog. WHAT AM I SAYING? We NEVER see each other…
BECAUSE… Because.
Maybe the reasons still are some things like short days & long nights, darnkess all around, which leads to make your busy day even shorter and, so, no time to do anything at all.
Plus, now got some really serious exams before Christmas vacation… Which will ruin whole my week… And I have so many things to read for it…. I HATE IT I HATE IT
Just realized that all I am writing about on this blog is exam and this bothers me a lot now. Fingers crossed I will fix this. You know, got some bigger plans, like going to the mountain ski resort. SNOW, FRIENDS, FAMILY, PICTURES. WHAT more do you want for the NEW YEAR??
It’s true that the last time I met my friends (We all chose different faculties, so our Universities are not the same, actually…) it was 2 weeks ago, I THINK. Well, thanks to mobile and social media I still keep in touch with them anyway…
The last time I took a picture (Even a selfie) was about a week ago… SO not me…


Things will be okay, just so you know.
Thing will become better and better and BEST. To me, and to you, whoever you are, who’s reading this post right now. And do you know why? Because in some days we will face the most beautiful time of the year with its special days, like New Year and Christmas…



Still couldn’t find the time to trim the Christmas tree and I just can’t wait till I buy some new decorations and have a REAL Christmas tree.
Hope you enjoy with this whole lotta Christmas preparation! ❤️

Hugs and Kisses