While searching for motivation…

Hey hey hey!
Long time no see. Well that is so me!
Anyways, March is almost over. The only day we have to face until we meet April. Which means, we are one step closer to summer.
Usually, summer is strongly connected to sun and sea. And, of course, when we have warm weather we naturally think of the ways to stay as cool as possible and we have to wear ‘thin clothes’ if I can call them like that. Like, dresses, shorts, skirts, crop tops, even swimsuits for sea. But, you will agree with me that when you dress all those stuff, you have to have a real good body because it just shines through the thin clothes you wear.
Now, let’s look around and take a deep breathe in the mirror… Personally, I feel that some minus kilograms won’t be bad for me. And, considering the fact that I am the kind of person who thinks diets are not good for our health, all my thoughts fly around some gym, fitness and exercises. Oh, and, surely, we have to eat as healthy as possible – fruits, natural juices, water and vegetables mostly, as it is summer that’s coming.
So, trying to make my plans work now I start running. And sailing through the internet just to get the right kind of actions to get the body I want.
One more thing that helps me is looking at all those model and fitness photos and also looking at my summer dresses, which I adore.
When there will come some warmer weathers in Tbilisi, I will start going to gym, hopefully.
There are some pictures while being out and running on a very cold day. And, you know, cold weather = cold clothes, even though you are running, because I am always freezing cold as usual.




Now that I have some motivation, I am searching for some more… You know, motivation is never too much…
And, I am going to post updates of this plan of mine. Hoping it will work.

And, guys, I would like to know, if you have some advice…

Hugs and kisses