I am Soff. Here, on my blog I will write some posts about my daily life and things that happen or interest me a lot. Feel free to read my blog ❤

Now about me… I live in Tbilisi, Georgia. In winter Tbilisi is really cold but in summer it is something that burns you up so much. I have been living there the whole life of mine and I love this city way too much. I study Political Science in University that is called “Tbilisi State University” and I absolutely like it.


Everybody has some individual skills… As for me, it is that I learn languages pretty easily. For now, I know Georgian, Russian, English and some Swedish.

On every vacation time I go to resort Bakuriani (Also located in Georgia). My family has a house there and there is forest that makes me feel so free and alive. So fresh air here, unlike my hometown… And this is the reason we go here on every vacation to relax a little bit. I have some friends here and am trying to enjoy every day. And some posts that I’ll write soon will be uploaded from here.

I am not going to write huge bio about me. If you are interested in me, you’ll know some things from the posts.

And as for following posts, they will be about many things.

I am really excited and hope you will like my blog.

Hugs and Kisses