Swedish potatoes


My favorite country (after my homeland) has always been Sweden and so, it was not really surprise that I decided to prepare some Swedish potatoes right after I saw the recipe of it. And with this post, I’m going to show you how to cook this amazing food:

You will just need potatoes, pepper, salt, garlic, sunflower oil and butter. Nothing ever more…



STEP 1: Take potatoes. Peel them. Wash and clean them. Then try to slice┬áthem like this. But mind that you mustn’t touch bottom of the potato – cut those slices till the bottom.

STEP 2: Make sure potatoes are no longer wet. Cut garlic into small pieces. Put them in the holes of potatoes. Then add some pepper and salt in these holes. After this you must apply some some butter at the top of the holes. Then you must put some oil on the surface of the potatoes.

STEP 3: Put potatoes in the oven and know that potatoes are ready when they are really crispy and crunchy.

So, if you do everything like this, your swedish potatoes will look like this:


Yeah, just like mine did… This is the first time that I actually tried to made it and it is perfect, I must say. Plus, it is super delicious and it is soooo incredibly easy to cook it.



Hugs and Kisses