These days

Hey hey hey!
Lately no time for thinking about many things happening or not happening in life but I found time to realize the main thing I have learnt these days. Like, the one that I am stronger than I thought I was. I have never been weak. Always knew that… But this strong…This makes me smile, makes me motivated and makes me have huge faith in my self as I know that new steps that you make in life make you stronger and stronger. Too many MAKES in last sentences but had to write that.
I am really busy because of my university schedule. Days go fast. It gets dark so soon. Have many things to learn. But this is the life. I have to be strong and sail through all that’s tough. Bet you can also relate with this feeling. Yeah… But we are stronger than the other feeling that tells us to give up. We are strong enough to stand tall and fight and hold on for what we believe. Because of our favorite people, our family, friends, dreams, inspiration and even our favorite songs’ quotes. And, naturally, for our own selves.
I am keeping that in mind.
And still find some hours to spend with friends and listening to favorite music.



And still finding time and strength to read and write


Even though I caught cold and it’s such a freezing and blurry evening.


My life these days.
But I’m gonna listen to John Mayer which says: ” Take all of your so-called problems”. Yeah days are hard and tough. But I am stronger and I am gonna pass it all. And I’m gonna see positive.
Hope you too.

Hugs and Kisses


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