Morning exercises while hiking


So as I’ve mentioned in previous post I am now in Bakuriani that is a resort in Georgia. While looking around all you see is green forest. And it kind of makes you want to hike. And if you feel like you want to live a healthy life, it makes you want to do some exercises too…

Well, I mean, I went hiking today morning and made some morning exercises too. Staying in this GREEN place around some weeks and planning to keep hiking + exercises just like I did before.

Pretty early (For me..) today morning my friend Mziko and I went to the world of green trees and wonderful nature. And must say, getting up early has never been so productive to me, because I did smell fresh air, watched beautiful view and lived healthy the whole hours.

Here are some pictures from today. I hope I will get better pictures these days while doing what I now so love to do:


My friend Mziko and I:



Some surrounding of green and sunny forest ❤ :

IMG_20140710_105241IMG_20140710_101429 IMG_20140710_101425

And me again:

IMG_20140710_103820 IMG_20140710_110247


What a loving day today… Hope following ones will be just as much good ❤

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Hugs and Kisses



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