While searching for motivation…

Hey hey hey!
Long time no see. Well that is so me!
Anyways, March is almost over. The only day we have to face until we meet April. Which means, we are one step closer to summer.
Usually, summer is strongly connected to sun and sea. And, of course, when we have warm weather we naturally think of the ways to stay as cool as possible and we have to wear ‘thin clothes’ if I can call them like that. Like, dresses, shorts, skirts, crop tops, even swimsuits for sea. But, you will agree with me that when you dress all those stuff, you have to have a real good body because it just shines through the thin clothes you wear.
Now, let’s look around and take a deep breathe in the mirror… Personally, I feel that some minus kilograms won’t be bad for me. And, considering the fact that I am the kind of person who thinks diets are not good for our health, all my thoughts fly around some gym, fitness and exercises. Oh, and, surely, we have to eat as healthy as possible – fruits, natural juices, water and vegetables mostly, as it is summer that’s coming.
So, trying to make my plans work now I start running. And sailing through the internet just to get the right kind of actions to get the body I want.
One more thing that helps me is looking at all those model and fitness photos and also looking at my summer dresses, which I adore.
When there will come some warmer weathers in Tbilisi, I will start going to gym, hopefully.
There are some pictures while being out and running on a very cold day. And, you know, cold weather = cold clothes, even though you are running, because I am always freezing cold as usual.




Now that I have some motivation, I am searching for some more… You know, motivation is never too much…
And, I am going to post updates of this plan of mine. Hoping it will work.

And, guys, I would like to know, if you have some advice…

Hugs and kisses

My winter vacation ❅ ❄ ❆

Hello, blog, my old friend!

Yeah, I am alive…

It is March now and, usually, when you have a personal blog you should update posts that are pretty much likely up-to-date. But, I just can not SKIP my winter vacation, about which I haven’t posted. And I don’t find it cool at all. Because I think it is definitely worth of telling you guys, whoever are reading this post of mine. 🙂

So, somewhere in the middle of February (Exact middle, yeah, it was the 15th of February) when my friends and I passed all the exams we went to winter ski resort city that is called Bakuriani, (This city is located in small and beautiful country of Europe – GEORGIA and is like the second home of mine and I have written things about it and if I continue posting stuff I will mention it hundred more times because it is really something to me). People who know me know that winter is everything to me. My mom, dad and 3 of my closest friends were there with me. Plus, snow, free time, cold, cozy atmosphere and lots of LOTS OF ski timing…. ❤ ❤ (Perfect is not the exact word for it, it needs something much more better….)

Everyday was full of white snow, pictures, videos, laughter, SKIING. ❤ We had some perfect time while skiing in the mountains: days we were there were mostly misty and we just could not see anything or anybody from the distance of two meters. (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) And, late night was lights on the skiing races, and incredible cold and the best atmosphere and YOU COULD FEEL THE ADRENALINE MOVING THROUGH YOUR VEINS!!! It was the life ❤

I try my best not to write HUGE post now, so, now I am going to post some collages, pictures and video that I made out of all vacation videos.

I really hope you guys will like it, and if this post will take you to winter again, I am glad my goal was reached, because WINTER IS EVERYTHING and now I am back to the winter again, though I can see trees blossom from the window…

IMG_410710690144_933158693384678_1045152531982488294_n 10988968_934064163294131_3662222302497417490_n 11001723_936666029700611_1977308187189358832_n IMG_4108 IMG_4066 HEREE2

And this video that are mostly made of the videos that we took by our mobile phones, and, plus, this was the first time I used iMovies… So, guys, do not really judge it too much, please 🙂 At least, it contains the moments I so love, people who are my friends, memories and the song that I think is soft, cold, amazing and inspirational at the same time…

Well, yes, I want to say that I had perfect winter vacation. The best one that I have ever had. ❤ ❤

I hope you guys also enjoyed with your winter days. If not, just hope you will soon, because after this vacation I strongly believe that dreams can come true.

Wishing you everything the best

And, I am sure I will post things that happen daily.




Outfit of a snowy winter day


My winter holidays are always best if I go to winter resort called “Bakuriani”. The snow, woods, skiing, ice-skating, friends and family  –   all these heavenly good things happen in one snowy white little town. And I don’t do anything but smile those days.

And when you are out with your friends it is important to me to dress warm because I am always  freezing cold… And, I try my best to wear comfortable things that won’t cause problems while even playing in snow… And, usually when there are times like this, you usually get inspiration from the cold weather and snow… And, of course, pom-pom beanies… 😀 😀 ❤

Well… Here is what I wore on one day of the winter vacation…


Sweater –  from MANGO ❤ (My all time favorite stores)

Leggings – from New Yorker

Shoes – from Bershka

Coat –  Well, I love it. My mother bought it for me but it is none of the brands I know of.

Beanie – from Zara (By the way, this beanie is for men… My brother and I went shopping together and I made him buy this but when we came home I liked it so much that I stole it from him, haha. Bad sister… 😀 )

Comfortable and close to white snow anyway…

What do you think about it? ❤

-Hugs and Kisses


Mid-December crisis

Lately we rarely see each other, my blog. WHAT AM I SAYING? We NEVER see each other…
BECAUSE… Because.
Maybe the reasons still are some things like short days & long nights, darnkess all around, which leads to make your busy day even shorter and, so, no time to do anything at all.
Plus, now got some really serious exams before Christmas vacation… Which will ruin whole my week… And I have so many things to read for it…. I HATE IT I HATE IT
Just realized that all I am writing about on this blog is exam and this bothers me a lot now. Fingers crossed I will fix this. You know, got some bigger plans, like going to the mountain ski resort. SNOW, FRIENDS, FAMILY, PICTURES. WHAT more do you want for the NEW YEAR??
It’s true that the last time I met my friends (We all chose different faculties, so our Universities are not the same, actually…) it was 2 weeks ago, I THINK. Well, thanks to mobile and social media I still keep in touch with them anyway…
The last time I took a picture (Even a selfie) was about a week ago… SO not me…


Things will be okay, just so you know.
Thing will become better and better and BEST. To me, and to you, whoever you are, who’s reading this post right now. And do you know why? Because in some days we will face the most beautiful time of the year with its special days, like New Year and Christmas…



Still couldn’t find the time to trim the Christmas tree and I just can’t wait till I buy some new decorations and have a REAL Christmas tree.
Hope you enjoy with this whole lotta Christmas preparation! ❤️

Hugs and Kisses


These days

Hey hey hey!
Lately no time for thinking about many things happening or not happening in life but I found time to realize the main thing I have learnt these days. Like, the one that I am stronger than I thought I was. I have never been weak. Always knew that… But this strong…This makes me smile, makes me motivated and makes me have huge faith in my self as I know that new steps that you make in life make you stronger and stronger. Too many MAKES in last sentences but had to write that.
I am really busy because of my university schedule. Days go fast. It gets dark so soon. Have many things to learn. But this is the life. I have to be strong and sail through all that’s tough. Bet you can also relate with this feeling. Yeah… But we are stronger than the other feeling that tells us to give up. We are strong enough to stand tall and fight and hold on for what we believe. Because of our favorite people, our family, friends, dreams, inspiration and even our favorite songs’ quotes. And, naturally, for our own selves.
I am keeping that in mind.
And still find some hours to spend with friends and listening to favorite music.



And still finding time and strength to read and write


Even though I caught cold and it’s such a freezing and blurry evening.


My life these days.
But I’m gonna listen to John Mayer which says: ” Take all of your so-called problems”. Yeah days are hard and tough. But I am stronger and I am gonna pass it all. And I’m gonna see positive.
Hope you too.

Hugs and Kisses

Swedish potatoes


My favorite country (after my homeland) has always been Sweden and so, it was not really surprise that I decided to prepare some Swedish potatoes right after I saw the recipe of it. And with this post, I’m going to show you how to cook this amazing food:

You will just need potatoes, pepper, salt, garlic, sunflower oil and butter. Nothing ever more…



STEP 1: Take potatoes. Peel them. Wash and clean them. Then try to slice them like this. But mind that you mustn’t touch bottom of the potato – cut those slices till the bottom.

STEP 2: Make sure potatoes are no longer wet. Cut garlic into small pieces. Put them in the holes of potatoes. Then add some pepper and salt in these holes. After this you must apply some some butter at the top of the holes. Then you must put some oil on the surface of the potatoes.

STEP 3: Put potatoes in the oven and know that potatoes are ready when they are really crispy and crunchy.

So, if you do everything like this, your swedish potatoes will look like this:


Yeah, just like mine did… This is the first time that I actually tried to made it and it is perfect, I must say. Plus, it is super delicious and it is soooo incredibly easy to cook it.



Hugs and Kisses



Morning exercises while hiking


So as I’ve mentioned in previous post I am now in Bakuriani that is a resort in Georgia. While looking around all you see is green forest. And it kind of makes you want to hike. And if you feel like you want to live a healthy life, it makes you want to do some exercises too…

Well, I mean, I went hiking today morning and made some morning exercises too. Staying in this GREEN place around some weeks and planning to keep hiking + exercises just like I did before.

Pretty early (For me..) today morning my friend Mziko and I went to the world of green trees and wonderful nature. And must say, getting up early has never been so productive to me, because I did smell fresh air, watched beautiful view and lived healthy the whole hours.

Here are some pictures from today. I hope I will get better pictures these days while doing what I now so love to do:


My friend Mziko and I:



Some surrounding of green and sunny forest ❤ :

IMG_20140710_105241IMG_20140710_101429 IMG_20140710_101425

And me again:

IMG_20140710_103820 IMG_20140710_110247


What a loving day today… Hope following ones will be just as much good ❤

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Hugs and Kisses